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Construction Supplies

Padlocks (keyed locks) , Identification, & Accessories

  • Zenex™ Thermoplastic Safety Padlocks
  • Safety Padlock Keyed-Alike Sets
  • Aluminum Safety Padlocks
  • Steel Safety Padlocks
  • Padlock Identification (Labels, Laser Engraving)
  • Padlock Caddy, Chains, Collars, Tags, and more

Lockout Devices
  • Hasps
  • Electrical Lockouts
  • Valve Lockouts
  • Cable Lockouts
  • Group Lock Boxes
  • Permit Control Station
  • Blind Flange & Pneumatic Lockout
  • Electrical Covers, Lockout Kits, & Stations

Lockout Kits & Stations
  • Lockout Kits
  • Padlock Stations
  • Compact Stations
  • Lockout Stations

Signs, & Tags
  • Safety Tags
  • Guardian Extreme Safety Tags

  • Safety Lockout Planograms

Professional Services, & Software
  • Professional Lockout Services
  • Lockout Procedure Writing Software